Estimated 2020 Fall Semester Cost Worksheet

After reviewing your award letter, you should be able to complete this form to estimate your semester payments.

Tuition and fees
(includes ASCMC fee)
Health Insurance:
(This is an estimate of 20-21 cost)

Less Financial Aid Award Credits per Semester:
College Grant: $
Cal Grant A or B: $
Federal Pell Grant: $
Federal SEOG: $
Other Scholarships or Grants: $
Federal Direct Stafford Loan (max $7,500 - your total estimated financial aid credits will be reduced below by the origination fee): $
Federal Direct PLUS Loan (Your estimated financial aid credits will be reduced below by the origination fee) $
CMC College Loan: $
Other (Do not include Work Study): $
Total Estimated Semester Cost: $0
Total Estimated Financial Aid: $0
Estimated Net Balance per Semester: $0

When you adjust any numbers in charges or financial aid award credits, you must click calculate again for an updated balance.

Payment options:
One Payment of:
(Balance due in full each semester)
Four Payments of:
(1/4 of charges, plus $100/semester service charge)

Please note: Your bill includes direct charges for tuition, fees, room and board only and estimated charges are subject to change. You are not billed for books, personal expenses, or transportation costs. Any changes to your award, such as outside scholarships may cause your expected payment calculation to change.

There are additional expenses to keep in mind while calculating your cost for the semester. You are only billed for direct costs. You can estimate an expense of $600 for books/supplies and $750 for personal expenses per semester or $2,700 a year.